Wine Cooler Recipes

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Homemade Dry White Sangria Wine 

1 Bottle of any cheap Dry White Wine (3 1/2 Cups)

1/4 Cup of White Brandy

1 Can Mandarin Oranges (without the juice)

1 Whole Grapefruit (cut into small pieces & remove rhine)

Dried Apricots



Cut the grapefruit into small pieces. Remove the rhine. Place all fruit into a large jar or pitcher that will seal (a glass sun tea jar will do). Add the white wine and the white Brandy. Stir together a little until mixed if desired. Let stand for as long as desired (weeks, months) until reaches desired fermentation.

Once you are ready to use the wine, separate the liquid from all fruit through a strainer and pour into a separate pitcher. Now you are ready to use the dry white sangria wine with any White Sangria Wine Cooler Recipe.

Other fruit can be added to this recipe for preferred flavors. The White Brandy can also be substituted with your favorite rum or vodka.

by Ralph at Goody Goody's in Ft Worth, TX