Martini Recipes

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Lemon Drop Martini


(Makes Two Martinis)

3 shots Absolut Citron Vodka

1 shot of Cointreau Orange Liqueur or Triple Sec

1 Lemon

4 Tsp Sugar (can substitute with 4 packages Splenda)

1/2 shot sweetened vermouth (optional)

Garnish the rim with lemon juice and dip in sugar

Squeeze fresh lemon into shaker half full of ice. Add vodka, orange liqueur, and sugar. Shake vigorously. Pour into prepared glass, with the rim garnished with lemon juice dipped in sugar.

by Mary W.

My friend Mary makes this lemon drop martini for her guests and gave me the recipe. After she served me this martini, I couldn't believe how good it was! Later, when I called her for the exact ingredients, she told me to squeeze one fresh lemon for each drink. When my friend Terry G. & I made this lemon drop martini for the first time, we left out the sugar by mistake. Terry G. discovered you can use Splenda instead and it is a great substitute! And, I like the Cointreau better than the Grand Marnier for this drink. But I think the Triple Sec works just as well.

For a twist, use 1/2 an orange instead of the lemon. Be sure and chill the glass for a cold refreshing martini. This absolutely makes the best martini I think I have ever had!

Absolut Citron vodka is a lemon flavored vodka. There is no need to mix a citron and non-flavored vodka. You are substituting the lemon flavored vodka instead of using a plain vodka. So, all you need is the citron vodka for this splenda lemon drop martini...and maybe a martini glass from Pfaltzgraff.

article by Terry M.