Low Calorie Recipes

It seems that obesity has become one of the leading problems among Americans today, so thankfully, there are plenty of low calorie recipes to help us out. There are so many different diet plans, diet pills, meal replacements and miracle cures being advertised that it is impossible to know where to begin if you need to lose weight. Cooking with low calorie recipes is a great start.

One health magazine will report that low carbohydrate diets are not safe, others will claim that low fat diets have too much sodium others claim vegetarian meals is the only way to go, no wonder most people give up before they even begin to diet.

The solution is to use common sense. Include foods in your diet that you enjoy, and allow for a wide variety of foods so you will not get bored. Use low calorie recipes to cook foods that you enjoy and use low calorie recipes that will let you give in to little cravings. If you do not give in to little cravings you end up binge eating on other things.

There are many low calorie recipes that involve making common foods cooked in a way that is better for you and lower in calories. Many of the low calorie recipes will substitute a higher fat or calorie food with one that is more figure friendly. For example take a simple zucchini lasagna recipe. It is as good as regular lasagna and it is much better for you. Use ground turkey in place of hamburger in the sauce. Also use skim ricotta cheese and skim mozzarella cheese.

To replace the heavy lasagna noodles, use zucchini that has been sliced lengthwise. The dish is assembled the same as any other lasagna. Another tip is to microwave the zucchini for a few minutes before assembling it. This way, the dish does not get as watery.

Noodles themselves do not have much flavor, but they absorb the flavorful sauces they are served with. Zucchini is the same way; it tastes like whatever it is paired with. It makes a great substitute for many pasta dishes. Zucchini can actually turn many pasta dishes into tasty low calorie recipes.

As with most things in life, dieting should be done in moderation. Make changes in your intake amount and increase your activity. There are no magic cures to losing weight. It is the simple combination of less food and more activity. If you give your body less calories than you need for daily activities, it has to burn stored fat. This in turn causes the reduction in weight. So if you are looking to lose a few pounds, look up low calorie recipes and dust off your walking shoes.

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