Martini Recipes

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Mandarin Orange Martini

Chocolate Turtle Martini

Lemon Drop Martini

Pecan Praline Marini

Terry's "Tinis" - My Homemade Martinis

Holiday Martinis

Martini Recipes

I owe my friend Terry G. credit for helping me with this section of my site. She introduced me to many of these martini recipes and even spent time showing me how to make the perfect martini!

Eventually, a new website may emerge that is just all about martini recipes. For now, my experiments can be found on my Terry's Tinis page!

I have added a page called "Terry's Tinis" to provide some really good homemade martini recipes that I just made up. These are fresh new martinis not in recipe books anywhere. My homemade martinis are simple and easy to make. And they taste really good!

More martini recipes will be added often, so check back here for new and improved martini recipes you can share with your friends too. Cheers!

Terry M.