Mexican Food

For people that like their meals colorful and spicy, nothing beats Mexican food. The mexican food cuisine has been influenced by the Spanish colonists and has been integrated into American food known as Tex-Mex mexican food. However, there remains an authentic Mexican tradition and these dishes are popular throughout the western world. The intense and unique flavors are achieved with chili peppers. The more chili or chili peppers you add, the hotter it could be! Often though, mexican food is simply more flavorful with the chili.

One of the most common dishes to appear among Mexican families is the Quesadilla, which is a tortilla with a filling of cheese. It is always filled and then cooked, but there certainly some regional variations. The corn tortilla uses melting, grated cheese and some Guacamole dip. Wheat tortillas are sometimes used or the Masa, which is a type of cornmeal dough. Salsa or refried beans are also occassionally added to this Mexican food. There are meat versions too, using ham, chicken, sausage or hamburgers.

Anyone who has eaten in a Mexican restaurant will be familiar with Guacamole. This is used as a relish or dip and complements spicy Mexican food. Guacamole is avocado based and has tomatoes and other ingredients, such as onion and lime juice, the American lemon. Some cooks favor lime juice, chili pepper, cumin, garlic, black pepper or coriander. Salsa is another popular dip or sauce and there are several different ways of preparing it. Whatever dish is chosen, refried beans are often a component of mexican food or at least a side accompaniment of mexican food dishes. The beans are normally either Pinto Beans or Black Beans.

The Burrito will be another familiar mexican food to many diners. It is a flour tortilla that is wrapped round a tasty filling of refried beans, Spanish rice or meat. Chorizo pork sausages are also popular. The flavor comes from the combined seasoning of paprika, chili and garlic. The terrific thing about Mexican food is that it can be as spicy as you want it because the ingredients are flexible. There is never any leftover food in Mexican kitchens! The Enchilada has variations but is usually made with a corn tortilla dipped in the Enchilada sauce. The tortilla is rolled, filled and put in a casserole dish. The filling is typically chicken, seafood, vegetables, eggs or even bananas. Fried eggs are sometimes placed on top.

Huevos Rancheros is a traditional breakfast of fried corn tortillas and fried eggs with tomato and chili sauce and refried beans. Scrambled eggs can be used instead for a delicious breakfast mexican food dish. Other ingredients can be added like sliced avocado, olives or fried potatoes. Salsa sauce can be added for flavor.

For desserts, Mexican food favors sweet pastries, cheesecake or ice cream. These are all perfect mexican food desserts after spicy food. Arroz con Leche is a popular rice pudding. Probably the most popular is the sopaipilla, also spelled sopapilla or even as sopaipa. This fried pastry is a bread or fried dough rolled in cinnamon sugar and often served with honey.

Mexican food offers a diverse feast of options for healthy eating. Each country has their own versions and mexican food is almost certainly unique to local cultures. One thing is for sure, mexican food is really good to eat!


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